Verify your account

To protect our community we check regularly if our users are verified. In order to become verified, you'll need to execute the following actions on a regular base.

  1. Your email must be verified
    Check your email and look for a mail called "Confirm your RosterBuster account"
    • If you don't have the mail go to and log in.
    • Navigate to Settings and look for 'Email'
    • Click on the red text called: " E-mail not verified." 
      Click here to resend verification link.
    • When you receive the email click on the Red Button Called 'Activate Account'
    • Your email has been verified

  2. You'll need to have uploaded a recent roster. At least every 45 days.
    • Rosterbuster App
    • Navigate to Profile and click on Download Latest Roster.
    • Rosterbuster Web.
    • Go to and Login
    • Navigate to Upload roster 

  3. Your airline crew id (displayed on your roster) if present needs to be unique within your airline.
  4. You'll need to login RosterBuster App on a regular base. 
    • If you did not use our app for 45 days we set your account to unverified.

What if you're not verified?
Unverified users are still able to use RosterBuster but have the following limitations. 

  • Search disabled for airline crew around the globe.
  • Search disabled for airline crew at your airline.
  • Search disabled for roster codes that apply at your airline.
  • Search disabled for airports.
  • Start chats with other RosterBuster users that are not your friends.
  • Use Nearby Crew feature on your destinations.

If you have any additional questions or remarks, please contact us through Rosterbuster Mobile Application Help Section.Happy Flying


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