How to Add Your Google Calendar on macOS

You could add your Google Calendar to your MacOS so you can get native Mac notifications for appointments and other integrations.

Setup a Google Calendar account connection.

  1. First, open System Preferences, and head to “Internet Accounts.”
  2. There’s a chance your Google account is already here; check the accounts in the left panel and see.
    • If your account is not added click on "Google" to add a new account.
    • Sign in to Google with your username and password used for your google account.
  3.  Select the Calendar service by clicking the checkbox.
  4. Hit the Done button.
  5. you've setup your Google Calendar connection

Setup your calendar application on your MacOS.

  1. Open your Calendar app on your MacOS
  2. Look for the account you just added.
  3. Head to Calendar then go too Preferences via the menu bar.
  4. Select how often you want to refresh the Calendar.
  5. You should now see your rosterbuster calendar.



If your account shows up but your calendars do not, you coould restart your Mac

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