How to share your Google Calendar

You can share your Google Calendar with your Family and Friends easily.
Just follow the steps below to add share your calendar.

Before you can share your calendar you'll need to have set up the Google Calendar integration:

  1. Go
  2. Look for my calendars on the left side of the screen.
  3. Look for a calendar that is called 'RosterBuster'*
  4. Hover over the Calendar and three vertical dots will appear.
  5. Click on this and click on 'Settings and sharing'
  6. Look for 'Share with specific people'
  7. Click on 'Add people'
  8. Add the email address in the 'Enter email address' and hit the Send button.**
  9. The person you have invited will receive an email with the subject '[email address] has shared a calendar with you'
  10. When clicked on the link in the email to 'Add this Calendar' 
  11. Click on 'Add' to add the calendar. The shared calendar is now active in the Google Calendar account

Remarks :
* Your calendar could be named differently depending on how you named it on 
** You could set permission by using the 'Permissions Settings'
*** You can Remove people by clicking the recycle bin icon next to their name.
**** You could remove the Google Calendar with the help of this article

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