How to adjust your WebCal Calendar link (iPhone/iPad)

The RosterBuster subscribed calendar link is going to change. At this moment both the old link and the new links can be used. The old link contains "calendar.php" and can be easily recognised.  

You can adjust your WebCal calendar link by these steps:

  1. Remove the old subscribed calendar.
    1. Go the settings on your iphone/ipad.
    2. Look for Calendars and click on the it.
    3. Now look for Accounts and look for Subscribed Calendars.
    4. Click on the Account named RosterBuster* and delete it.
  2. Create a new subscription link.
    1. Go and Login
    2. Click on Settings, can be found on the leftside of the screen.
    3. Now navigate to Export and look for Calendar( can be found under menu)
    4. Now look for WebCal link and click on reset WebCal link.**
    5. Now Copy this link.
  3. Add the subscription.
    1.  Go to Accounts & Passwords in the Iphone settings.
    2. Click on Add Account and select Other.
    3. Click on Add Subscribed Calendar.
    4. Paste the Link and click on next.
  4. Please also try to do the same on your other device you want to sync with this.
  5. Your Link has been updated.


*The name of this Calendar can be different, because you can name this yourself.

** If you've have not set the WebCal link this will show Enable the WebCal link.

** You can click on the red link this will ask you to add the link.


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