Print your roster as a calendar

You might want to print out your roster as a calendar, for example as a 'fridge calendar' to share with your friends & family. You can do this from RosterBuster by you exporting your calendar as WebCal or connecting it to Google Live Calendar (check out Google calendar intergration).

 Then follow these steps to print for example your calendar from Google:

  1. Go to 
  2. Look for a button called more in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click on it and hit the print button.
  4. Select your print range by clicking on the dates 
  5. Select your preferred Font size
  6. Set the orientation to portrait and click on print
  7. Select your printer and click on print 
  8. Your Calendar is now printed.

For a demo of this process, take a look at the video below. 


NOTE: There used to be an option to export directly to 'Fridge PDF' from RosterBuster. Because this feature was not customizable and not always reliable, we removed it and replaced it with improved calendar export, allowing you to print your calendar from any application you like, such as Outlook, iCloud, Google or Yahoo.

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    Alex Katz

    While others may have had problems with the FridgePDF feature, it worked perfectly for me. It was easy and convenient, and the above workaround is just too much hassle. I am very disappointed that this function has been removed, and hope that you will reconsider your decision. Please bring it back!