Problem? Send a screenshot

If you're experiencing a problem, please send us a screenshot, so we can easily see exactly on what page the problem is, and what the error message is etc… a picture is worth 1000 words!

  • PC / Windows
    • Press the PrntScrn button on your keyboard.
    • This takes a picture of the screen, and saves it to the Copy/Paste clipboard.
    • Open MS Word (or any word processor), and select Edit... Paste
    • Save this document, and then e-mail it to
  • Mac
    • Press Command+Shift+3
    • This makes a click noise, and saves a file to your desktop called 'Screen Shot at (time)'
    • E-mail this file to us at
    • (This process takes a screenshot of your entire screen - if you would rather only take a smaller portion, do Command+Shift+4 instead, which brings up a set of crosshairs, allowing you to drag a box)
  • iPhone / iPad / iTouch
    • Press both buttons (home button, and the power button on the top) at the same time
    • You will hear a click - this saves a photo to your camera roll
    • Open Photos, go to Camera Roll, then select Share, and e-mail
    • E-mail the photo to us at
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