The times are all wrong on my roster

If the times are coming through incorrectly, there are a couple of things you can check.

Firstly, please check your Fridge PDF (this is available on one of the tabs of the Rosters page). Check that the time zone is correct (Settings page if you need to change it), and then see whether the times are correct on here. If they are, then your roster is being read incorrectly.

If the roster is being read incorrectly, please check the Time Zone of your device. For example, the iPhone's time zone is set in Settings > General > Date and Time. All times in the calendar will be shown according to local time.

If the roster is NOT being read incorrectly (i.e. the times are wrong on your Fridge PDF), then please check that you have uploaded the roster in GMT / UTC. Most roster types in Roster Buster need to be uploaded in UTC where available (e.g. AIMS rosters must be uploaded in UTC). Please check the upload instructions page on the Rosters tab for more information about your company.

If you have tried uploading a UTC roster, and you are still having problems, please use the link below to contact us, including some screenshots if possible.

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    Yogi Megawantoro

    There's problem in your database. For SRG, JOG, and some of Indonesia Airport written UTC+0 instead of UTC+7 / UTC+8 / UTC+9. Please correct it, because it show different calculation for my flight hours.

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    Suddenly, my synced calendar, started to show all the roster times wrong.
    For example, if I'm on call today (02-08-15) it shows me that I'm on call from 9.00pm of the 02-07-15 until the 9.00pm of the 02-08-15.

    I think that it has something to do with the timezone, since I am on GTM-3.

    I would appreciate your help.

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    Nestor Lobo

    I suffer similar problem, but only with all day events specially with standby type events, they started to be shown as one day earlier than they should be as per roster pdf checked.
    More over, standby event types at my roster are shown with activity as "GUA" from guardia (standby spanish translation), would be great if it can be took into care to correctly marked as standby with luggage icon or at least if activity codes would be possible to be changed or configured for better experiences.
    Lastly same happens to days off and report time auto hide from options, the are shown at my roster as "D/L" (dia libre, spanish translation) and report is calculated but not hidden automatically, even it would be perfect to have an offset configuration, for each person could be different.

    Thanks in advance and great all days usage application.

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    Erik Pedersen

    My roster now show my roster for January 2016. How do I get December 2016?