RAIDO by Aviolinx

We support easy upload of the roster generated with RAIDO system.

Via email:
Just email the PDF as an attachment to and we will process the events into your Roster Buster user account. Be sure you send the email from the address that is also linked to Roster Buster so we know where to import.

Via Mobile App

  1. Open the Roster Buster App
  2. Go to menu Roster
  3. Tap download latest Roster
  4. Navigate to your PDF roster
  5. When you see your PDF roster open tap Save

This will upload the roster to your Roster Buster user account.

Go to the website and attach the PDF roster, then press send roster.

RAIDO by Aviolinx
Aviolinx is situated in Stockholm, Sweden and we also have offices in Malmö Sweden, and UK, (as well as representation in various other countries). We started out providing communication services on HF radio to the aviation community in 1968. Since then, our company has grown into a full-service aviation communication provider.


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