Set your calendar colors

If you want to set a color for your RosterBuster calendar on your iOS device please follow these steps.
First, please make sure RosterBuster is sending the calendar information directly to your phone,
and not via iCloud.
Unfortunately, once a subscribed calendar is installed on your phone, there is no way to change the colour of it. Apple designate the colours, on a rotating pattern (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, then repeat Red..). Therefore, to get RosterBuster to fit in just in the right place, you could add a couple more subscribed calendars first, and then add RosterBuster when the colour you want is next!
Go here and you can subscribe to a couple of random calendars – you need to pick subscribed calendars (ones that automatically update) which have a ’17’ icon to the left hand side. After you have, for example, a red one and an orange one installed, the next colour should be Blue. If you then set up your Roster Buster calendar, it should be blue.
You can then delete any unwanted calendars in Settings > Mail Contacts Calendars.
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