Roster quick update - pull down to refresh

If your airline supports fetch (download your roster with a username and password) you can now “Pull to refresh” your roster. We provide a fast and easy way to download, initiated from Menu Events.

What is important to know about this feature.

  • Your airline needs to support autofetch for roster download
    • This is the case when you provide user credentials to download the roster
  • User credentials need to be stored on your personal device
    • If this is not the case, then go to menu more and tap Reset Saved Data
    • Then go to Schedules > Download latest schedule > Fill in credentials and select Save ALL details.
      This will store the user credentials on your device.
  • Only when you SAVE your credentials on your device you can use pull to refresh feature.
  • On the menu Schedule, you will now see text that indicates that you pull to refresh your schedule.
  • You can not pull to refresh unlimited > we limit the number of requests.
  • If the schedule indicates No Active Events the download is equal to what you already have on your device.


Supported Platforms:

  • iOS
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