Automatic Roster Download in Background

For some airlines, we support enable automatic roster download in the background.
To activate this please follow these steps. 

1. First, you need to be able to download a roster directly from the Crewportal.

2. When step 1 is completed successfully you need to configure the interval for automatic roster download.

3. For each roster download in the background, you will receive a push notification.
The push notification will indicate success or failure roster download. If there is a failure please check your settings and repeat step 1 again.


Step 1: Before you can activate the automatic roster download in the background you need to successfully download a roster from your airline crew portal. This can be done with the following steps.

  1. Tap menu Profile
  2. Tap Download Latest Roster
  3. Provide username and password to access the crew portal, store this information,
    it will be stored securely.
  4. When you see a preview of your roster tap Save to upload
  5. You will now see a successful upload screen with your personal flight map

When above is completed you can set up the automatic roster download in the background.



Step 2: After successful roster download you can set up the interval.

>> via Mobile Apps

  1. Go to the tab More
  2. Tap Roster Download
  3. Set the desired Interval:
  4. This will enable automatic roster download in the background.

>> via Website

  1. Open and login
  2. Tap menu Settings / Roster
  3. Select the interval:  No interval, every 24 hours, every 12 hours, every 8 hours, each 6 hours

Activation of Roster Download in Background can be configured via the website, iOS, and Android.
If you activate the Roster Download in Background it will work across all your connected devices.  

To stop Automatic Roster Download in background set interval to no interval. 

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