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"About Coradine’s LogTen Pro"

LogTen Pro is the world’s most advanced pilot logbook software for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Designed to take full advantage of the latest operating systems and Apple hardware, LogTen Pro is so much more than your logbook.

From super fast flight logging with our Fly Now feature, to detailed analysis of your flight time with the Analyze view, to the fantastic Time Loupe that lets you view your currency and limits at any moment in time – past, present, or future – and now our
awesome new Night Mode that automatically switched to a dark color scheme at night to protect your night vision. Download free for 250 flight hours"


Get all your flight statistics in RosterBuster App:

If you want to have correct flight statistics in RosterBuster you can easily add your complete flight history by uploading the ICS calendar from Logten. To do this please follow these steps.

1. Open Logten
2. Export flights to CALENDAR EXPORT (Export Flights ICS)
3. This will generate an ICS file, open this file in notepad and copy all the text, it should start with: 

PRODID:-//Coradine Aviation Systems//LogTen Pro 6//EN

4. Open and Login
5. Go to Upload Latest Roster and past the Logten output in the text field. It should now process and load all your flights.

NOTE: It will take 15 minutes to process all your flights from Logten export into RosterBuster flight routes overview. When this is finished you can delete the Logten roster in RosterBuster.


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