Postering Secrets: How & Where to Hang Flyer

Flyers and posters are the best way to promote RosterBuster to other airline crew. This publicity helps us become the biggest aviation community. But if your crew rooms are like many others across the world, when you put up a flyer tonight, tomorrow morning it will be plastered over with ads for upcoming meetings. Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Don't hog the boards
Never put more than one or two posters on each bulletin board. You'll get a bad image and create hard feelings if you cover the boards with RosterBuster posters.

Tip #2: Never use glue or staple guns
Heavy-duty staple guns are a no-no because they tear up the boards. Instead, use an office stapler, such as an Arrow stapler, or a "light-duty" staple gun. Don't use glue on plexiglass or on glass — it's almost impossible to remove without damage, which angers the "owner" of the board or newspaper box.

Tip #3: Keep track of the best locations
Spend some time going around your crew rooms to do a bulletin board inspection — where they are, how heavily covered they are, and how well they're maintained. One time-tested option is to place posters on the backs of stall doors in restrooms if it's permitted. These locations are the ultimate captive audience.

Tip #4: Where to post on a board
Try to put your posters at eye level and remember that everyone isn't the same height.
Some people are taller or shorter than others. 

Tip #5: What if somebody posters over you?
If someone slaps their posters over yours, remove theirs. You have that right. But knowing how much you hate it when this happens to you, don't perpetuate the problem. That's precisely why you shouldn't post over someone else's flyers.


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