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What is the price of the RB Logbook app?



  • Tony Tompkins

    subscription, subscription, subscription!!! Why can't you just sell a product without riding the gravy train forever??

  • Customer Success

    Sorry about that Tony. The subscription is a requirement for any team to survive in the modern post-PC era. Frequent (security, OS) updates are mandatory. We need to keep improving the app and also pay for the cloud storage, ACARS machine learning, third party licenses etc. etc. Any app that is not updated will be unusable after a certain amount of time.

    In the old days, software would have just one update per year. They would have you buy that as a new package. We maintain a much higher update frequency of only 2 weeks(!) so that new developments are pushed to all users quickly. A team of developers is not free, so we charge a subscription, but we're charging less than the competition. 

    Hope this helps!


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