What is RB Logbook?

RB Logbook is an electronic pilot logbook, designed to log flights. This is a legal requirement for all pilots worldwide. While there are many ways to log flights, RB Logbook is optimized to reduce your administrative burden to a bare minimum, so you can spend your time on what you really want to do: flying.

Log your flights

There multiple ways you can add flights to RB Logbook:

  1. The optimized data entry flow lets you log your flights faster than ever before
  2. Fly now: with just a few taps you log your flight from start to end
  3. Integration with RosterBuster makes sure you can never forget logging a flight!
  4. ACARS integration: take a photo in the cockpit, we extract the flight details for you
  5. Import from other logbooks such as Logten, MCC Pilotlog, Safelog and others

While logging flights, RB Logbook handles all of the heavy lifting such as calculating night time, flight distance and checking your flights against your limits.

RB Logbook works offline and syncs your data with our secure cloud platform, so you will never have to worry about backups. You can export your data at any time as well.

Documents & certifications

With RB Logbook, you have a centralized place to store all of your (legal) documents and certificates. Not only can you store them conveniently, but you can also manage their expiry and get notified in advance. This way you will never forget to renew a document.

Career statistics, duty limits, currencies & filters

RB Logbook provides advanced statistics, as well as a versatile way to filter your data. With this you can easily track your currencies and limits, e.g. EASA and FAR.

Your career in one place

RB Logbook keeps track of all your flights, places you've been and crew you've flown with. It's easy to view statistics, generate a report or view your career on a map.


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