How do I add a flight?

From the flight list, tap on the + button in the right top hand corner.

For a flight to be complete, at least the following properties are required:

  • Date (this will be today's date by default)
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Departure airport
  • Arrival airport
  • Block times


Log one or more approaches for the flight by choosing an approach type or creating your own. You can also add a note to each approach type, such as the runway used.



Except for block times, you can also add:

  • scheduled times
  • flight times
  • duty times

Which times you want to specify for every flight, you can select in the Data Formatting settings (more menu). You can always tap the chevron arrow in the right top hand corner of the section to display all times and fill them in.

The time difference between out/in, off/on, start/end will be calculated automatically.

Times are to be given in UTC, unless a different preference is specified in the Data Formatting settings.

Times are given in a numeric fashion to speed up data entry. E.g. 01:00 can be entered as 100. The proper formatting will be automatically applied.

 For duty times, it is possible to specify the start time in the first flight of a leg/pairing and the end time in the last flight of the leg/pairing (assuming these flights are within a period of 16 hours). The time in between will be calculated automatically as duty time.


Takeoffs / Landings

To auto fill one day/night takeoff and landing, you can use the Pilot Flying toggle.

You can also use the + / - signs to quickly add takeoffs and landings with automatic day/night detection.

Manual entry is also possible.



For the durations, you can log a variety of time durations.

Total time is displayed at the top of the list. Depending on the setting in Data Formatting, the relief time is subtracted from the block time.

The following time durations are available:

  • Actual Instrument
  • Dual Given
  • Dual Received
  • Examiner
  • Instructor
  • Night - will be automatically calculated based on times and departure and arrival airports
  • PIC
  • Relief time - use the quick add buttons for 1/3rd, 1/2nd or 2/3rd relief time
  • SIC
  • Simulated Instrument
  • Simulator - used to log simulator times
  • X-Country - when flown cross country

Depending on the aircraft type belonging to the aircraft registration for the flight, the values will be auto filled. With the magic wand button any field not auto filled can be populated.

Manuel entry is also possible.

Like with all time fields, we use speedy numeric entry so that 100 will become 1:00 (H:m).

Which durations you want to specify for every flight, you can using the 'edit' icon in the header of the section. You can also always tap the chevron arrow in the right top hand corner of the section to display all durations and fill them in.


Other items

There's no limit to what you can log with RB Logbook. The section Other Items contains commonly logged items but you can also create your own. The following fields are available:

  • Autolands
  • Daily allowance
  • Flight #
  • Flight Pay - can be auto filled, based on flight pay properties in More -> Profile section
  • Fuel
  • Go Arounds
  • Out of Base - toggle, can have influence on the Flight Pay calculation
  • Pax

To add your own custom fields or to remove fields you don't need, tap the 'edit' icon in the section header. You can also use the chevron arrow in the top right hand corner of the section to display all fields. Any field that has a value, will remain visible even though it is not selected to be visible for all flights.


Crew members

Crew members can be added by selecting the position of the crew member and then selecting the crew member. Positions are automatically selected so that filling in the basic flight crew is really fast.



You can add as many notes as you want to the flight here.


Lock flight & signature

You can lock the flight, so it will be impossible to edit unless it is unlocked first. This can safeguard against unintended modifications.

There's also an option to apply a signature from a flight instructor. This will lock the flight automatically. Whenever the lock is removed, the signature will be cleared.

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