How to import data from other logbooks

When you start using RB Logbook, you might have your flights in another logbook such as Logten Pro or Crewlounge / MCC Pilotlog.

RB Logbook has a versatile import function, that can be found in the more menu. You can import flights from almost all known logbooks.  For the following logbooks and data sources we officially support:

Supported logbooks

  • CommOrg
  • CrewLounge Pilotlog
  • EasyCockpit / EasyLog

  • FltCrew-iLog
  • FlyGo Pilot Logbook
  • FlyLog
  • Foreflight
  • Logbook Pro
  • LogTen Pro
  • MCC Pilotlog
  • RB Logbook
  • Safelog
  • Smart Logbook
  • UPS (Flight Time XLS)
  • Zululog

If your logbook is not in this list, most of the time you can still import your data with our CSV and Excel importer. You will then have to link some fields manually. If you don't get it to work, you can always ask us to help. If the format you use is common we can even build a specific importer.


Creating the export

Before you start the import process, make sure you have a valid export file, by exporting your data using your current logbook, usually this is not that difficult. Check our guides for some of the more common ones.

Important note for LogTen: when exporting flight data, do not use the "Dynamic Export" because in many cases it does not contain all your data.

Make sure export has times in UTC. If times are not in UTC but in local times, you will notice in preview that the difference between Block Out and Block In is different from Total Time for most flights.

Make sure hours are logged/exported in hh:mm (24-hour) notation. Not in decimal times..

The export can be either a CSV or an Excel file. Both formats are supported by RB Logbook.


Clear data

When starting to import, as the first step you can choose to clear all data. This will clear the following:

  • flights
  • flight approaches
  • crew/people (except Self)
  • aircraft
  • aircraft types

Be careful with this, because once your data is deleted you won't be able to get it back without the help of customer support.


Import aircraft

The second step is to import your aircraft. Some logbooks (e.g. LogTen) export the aircraft as a separate file. If you don't have a separate file (e.g. MCC), you should use your exported flights file.

Point to the file on your device, and then assign the fields in the file to link to the fields in RB Logbook. For aircraft also aircraft types will be created, so that a registration can be used with the same aircraft type multiple times.

For MCC, LogTen, Safelog, Zululog and others, most fields wille be linked automatically, so no further action is needed. You can just review it and make sure it is correct. A preview will be shown so you can inspect the data being imported. If it is satisfactory, you can hit import.


Import flights

The final step is to import all your flights.

Flights will be linked from the import file to RB Logbook fields. You can make changes and view the result in the import preview screen, before you decide to do the import. Please make sure that important data such as date, registration, times and airports are linked correctly.

If you encounter any issues during the import, please contact customer support ( Be sure to include the files in your request. Our technical team can then assist you or do the import for you.

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