Which settings do I have in RB Logbook?

RB Logbook is very flexible and has a lot of settings. The defaults have been setup in such a way that most pilots will be able to start logging with RB Logbook out of the box. But every situation is different, so you will probably encounter things that you want to change in your logbook. Check out the settings to find out what can be customized. If a setting you expect is not there, notify customer support and we will help out.

There are sections where you can edit settings, these can be found in the More menu.

Profile settings


In your profile, you can set your personal account information: first name and last name. This will generally be pre-filled based on the information you have provided during sign-up. The name you provide here, will be used to sign printed reports.


Your license number and license type can be provided here.

The license number is used on printed reports.

The license type you specify is used to determine which fields have autofill by default on an aircraft type you create.

Other Settings

Home base: You can set your home base here. This is used to set the 'out of base' property automatically.

Default PIC / Default SIC will add you to the crew for the chosen default, when you create a new flight in RB Logbook.

Flight times as total: By default, we use the block times to calculate the total time, but if you toggle the switch to this setting, the total will be calculated from the flight times.

This is me: The person record that will be chosen can be selected under the 'this is me' property. Usually you will not want to change this. But it can be useful if you have imported information, e.g. from another logbook, and you want to select the person record to use.

Flight Pay

When you enable flight pay, you can input values for flight sector, scheduled block hour, actual block hour and out of base extra. These will be used to autofill the 'flight pay' field in flight edit. It is a convenient way to estimate/calculate your pay for a flight, if this is applicable for your airline.


The signature you provide here, will be used to sign printed reports.


Data Formatting

The data formatting section allows you to customize you view and enter your data in the logbook.


Choose your preference for distance, speed and weight here. These metrics will then be applied throughout the app.

Logbook Data

Choose the way you want to view airport codes: ICAO, IATA or FAA.

You can also select how to display times, as either HH:mm or HH.d.

The relief time setting is important, as it will allow you to define if you want total times to include relief time or not. Select 'without' Relief time if you are not sure what to pick.

The times you want to log for your flights by default. You can select: duty times, scheduled times and flight times. Block times are always selected. If you choose not to show a time section, it can always be enabled for one specific flight by using the chevron arrow in the section header on flight edit.


Choose the timezone in which you want to log your flights. UTC is the default.


Choose the way you want to sort the people list. Alphabetically either on first name or on last name. Also you can choose the order in which these names are shown.

Please note that the sorting only applies to the people list and not the crew list in a flight, since that is sorted on function.


In this section, you can choose the theme you want for the application: Light or Dark mode. By default the app will adjust to the same theme as the operating system is using. But you can overrule this.

Please note that the app needs to be restarted for the change to take effect.

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