How do I sync my airline roster with RosterBuster?

Syncing your flights from RosterBuster is very easy. There are two ways you can get your flights into RB Logbook. For new flights the process is fully automatic. For existing flights, you can define a time period.

Please note that for this to work, you need the same RB account for both RosterBuster and RB Logbook or you need to connect them manually (see below).


How to connect RosterBuster to RB Logbook

If you want your flights to be transferred to RB Logbook from RosterBuster, please make sure that either:

  1. the RB account needs to be the same, or
  2. if you have two separate accounts, you need to connect them first.

You use the same account if both accounts use the same e-mail address to login. If this is not the case, connect them first.

To connect the accounts, perform the following steps with both RosterBuster and RB Logbook installed on your device and logged in. In RB Logbook:

  1. Go to More --> Import & Export --> RosterBuster
  2. Tap the "Connect to RosterBuster" button
  3. RosterBuster will now open and will show you that the apps are connected
  4. Perform a manual export from RosterBuster to make sure it works

When you upload a new roster, flights will now also be transferred automatically (described below).



Flights will be automatically transferred to RB Logbook whenever you download a roster on RosterBuster. This is automatic; no other action is needed.

All settings regarding export can be defined from the RosterBuster app. RB Logbook has no settings in the app.

Please note that when you have uploaded a roster in RosterBuster, the logbook's data needs to be synced before the flights appear on your device. To do this manually, go to More --> Sync data.


Historic flights

Historic flights can be exported as well, the option for this is available in the RosterBuster WebApp.

1. Login with your RB account at:

2. Go to Events and select the time period you want to export & apply


3. Choose Export --> RB Logbook



What is imported

 RosterBuster will export the following (when available):

  • Date
  • Departure airport
  • Arrival airport
  • Aircraft registration
  • Scheduled times
  • Block times (actual, when available)
  • Notes
  • Crew

The export and data interpreted for each airline is constantly being improved. If you have a specific requirement, please contact customer support. Our technical team can review your request and further improve our import.

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