How do I log simulator duties?

A simulator duty can be logged in two ways, what you choose is based on your requirements. It's best not to mix up these two options, but choose one. Then all reports and overviews will be consistent.

Please note that marking a duty as a "Simulator" duty type, doesn't affect time attribution.


Simulator Aircraft Type

Log the flight like any other flight. To mark it as a simulator duty, you can specify an Aircraft Type that is of one of the following categories:

  • Simulator
  • Training Device

Whenever the flight has been logged with an Aircraft Type that has this category, the block time will be attributed to Simulator Time in all of the reports. You can log PIC/SIC, other times and properties like crew for a simulator as you normally would for any real flight.

Note that in this scenario simulator time will be included into total time since it is logged as block.


Simulator Time

The second way to log Simulator Time is to use "Simulator Time" in the flight. The aircraft type does not matter so you can log Simulator Time for a specific simulator type e.g. Aircraft Multi Engine Land. Total Time (Block) will be attributed to the flight, but only if it is given. If you want this, depends on your preference or specific regulation requirements.

You can use this way of logging if you want simulator time excluded from total time. Also e.g. if it is important to make a distinction between simulator properties like Single Engine / Multi Engine, engine type or class. Or if your import from a previous logbook has time logged like this and you want to continue doing so.


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