How to use the dashboard?

RB Logbook has a convenient dashboard where you can keep track of your career. There are three distinct sections that you can use.

Hour graph or career map

Hour graph

A graph is displayed at the top of the screen showing the number of hours you have flown. You can change the properties of the map by tapping the range above it.

It's possible to do the following settings:

  • graph range / period (month, year, all time)
  • limit for that period

When you set the graph these settings will be stored so that the next time you open the app on the same or on another device, the graph will be the same.

Career map

When you swipe the top area to the left, a career world map appears. You can choose to display this instead of the graph on the dashboard. Swipe inside the map to view different portions of it. Pinch to zoom.

Tap the map to get a full screen view.


Career statistics

Below the graph/map area you have an overview of your total career:

  • Flights
  • Airports
  • Countries


The final part of the dashboard contains filters that you have specified to be visible on the dashboard. You can add here the relevant duty limits, currencies and achievements that you want to track. Do so by opening the filter and modify the toggle in its properties so that it is visible on the dashboard.

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