How to transfer data from LogTen Pro (desktop) to RB Logbook?

If you have used LogTen Pro and want to transfer your data to RB Logbook, you can do so by exporting the data from Logten Pro and importing it into RB Logbook.

This guide explains how to export from the desktop application of LogTen. If you need help with iPhone or iPad, check the iPhone guide or the iPad guide.

Before you start the export, make sure timezone is UTC and time format is 24 hours (hh:mm).

You will need to export two files, one containing aircraft data and one containing your flight data. Copy these files to your mobile device and import them into RB Logbook.

To export the aircraft data file: 

  1. Select File, Export.


2. Select 'Export Aircraft'


3. Save the file


To export the flights data file:

  1. Select ‘Export Flights (Tab)’


2. Save the file

Copy the aircraft and flight data files to your device

Open RB Logbook on your device

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Import Data
  3. Tap Other Logbooks
  4. Follow the steps

The import process is a 3-step process, as described here: How can I import my flights into RB Logbook?

For LogTen, we have default mappings available, so the import process is very smooth and all data can be transferred. In case you run into issues, please contact your support team. We're there to help:

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