When do I need a subscription for RB Logbook?

RB Logbook is free for the first 250 logged block hours. It is also free for students.

When you start using RB Logbook, you also get a 14 days trail period, in which your account will be premium, so you can try all the features even if you have imported a lot of previous experience.

If you are a professional or private pilot and you exceed 250 hours and you keep using RB Logbook after the trial period, a premium subscription for RB Logbook is required.

Note that RB Logbook is not RosterBuster. If you have a Premium RosterBuster account this does not include RB Logbook and vice versa.

With a premium RB Logbook subscription, you can log unlimited hours and use all the features of RB Logbook. Cloud storage of your data is included in the subscription price, as well as frequent updates, security fixes and using an unlimited number of devices.

In the iOS app you won't find information about the subscription, because it is against Apple's guidelines to offer anything other than App Store purchases. Apps like Netflix and Spotify are in the same boat with us on this. We plan to offer App Store purchases in the future. Until then, be assured that you can use the premium features from the iOS app too, if you purchased them on the website or earned them with our refer & earn program.

Buy a premium subscription for RB Logbook

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