How to add previous experience (balance forward) from e.g. a paper logbook to RB Logbook

If you have used a paper logbook in the past or simply do not have kept a detailed logbook before, you can still add your total experience to RB Logbook in a few simple steps.

Before you start, please note that this works from version 1.5.0. If you have an earlier version or if you have issues, please contact the support team and provide your previous flight experience. We can also perform this process for you. E-mail:

To enter previous experience, perform the following steps:

  1. Add Aircraft Types for each aircraft you have flown, or just one if you want only the total time. Depending on the level of detail you have in your previous logbook, you can for example create an Aircraft Single Engine Land and Aircraft Multi Engine Land. You can name this aircraft type e.g. "B737 - balance forward".
    Make sure the "AutoFill" fields for the aircraft type are switched off. Otherwise time fields will automatically be filled and this can give undesired results.
  2. When you've created the aircraft types, create one aircraft for each type. Each aircraft needs a registration. Provide this, but instead of a real registration number, enter a name which defines that this is previous experience, e.g. "B737 PREV" so you know this is not a real airplane but rather a summary of your previous experience.
  3. Create a flight for reach aircraft/aircraft type. No airports are needed.
  4. As the date of the flight, choose the date of the last flight you made that is included in the total.
  5. Put in the total time flown with this aircraft as the flight durations. E.g. if you have a total of 2000 PIC time, enter 2000 hours there. Do this for each seat you have.
  6. Add the number of takeoffs and landings you've made with the aircraft.
  7. When done, we advise to lock the flight, to avoid changing it by mistake.

You're done! Now, your previous experience will be included in RB Logbook and printed reports. You can start logging your flights.

If you experience issues, please contact the support team, so they can assist you.

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