How do I log my duty times?

RB Logbook allows you to log your duty times. This is especially helpful if you also want to track your limits, using the filters.

To log duty times, you have to enable Duty Times in More -> Settings -> Data Formatting.


Log duty time for a pairing, leg, stretch or sector

Considering you have a pairing, leg or sector of flights and want to log the total duty time, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the first flight in the sector and enter the start duty time. Do not enter an end duty time here.
  2. Open the last flight in the sector and enter the end duty time here.

The total duty time for the entire sector will be calculated and shown in the the last duty of the sector.

Note that the last flight in a sector needs to be within 17 hours of the first flight.


Include check-in/check-out report/debrief time

In RB Logbook you can specify a fixed duration that needs to be applied for check-in/report time. As well as a duration for report/debrief time. This is called "Autofill Duty Times". You do this in your Profile.

For example, set:

Duty start before sched out time: 60 minutes

Duty end after flight arrival time: 30 minutes


You can then use the following workflow:

  • Go to the first flight in the sector
  • Tap the magic wand for duty start --> Duty start time is set to Scheduled Out - 60 minutes
  • Save the flight
  • Go to the last flight in the sector
  • Tap the magic wand for duty end --> Duty end time is set to Block In + 30 minutes
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