What features are on the roadmap for RB Logbook?

RB Logbook is a product that is under constant development. We strongly believe in user driven innovation. This means we gather feedback from our community to improve the product. You can help us by sending your suggestions to


Simplify your pilot life

Our main development goal is to make keeping your logbook as easy and convenient as possible. We're not aiming to keep expanding the feature set until nobody can make sense if it anymore; instead, all improvements we add should make your life as a pilot easier.

The following features have been confirmed to be developed in the near future for RB Logbook. Please note that because priorities may shift based on market conditions, we cannot guarantee any deadlines. We'll not list all the updates that we are working on, but it gives you at least an impression of the direction that we're heading, and if that suits your requirements. Everything on this list is considered a high priority item.


  • Integration with CAE services and simulators
  • Lite version aimed at private pilots
  • Import from calendar
  • Limits for specific regions
  • Enhanced statistics
  • Browser/desktop version
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