How to transfer data from MCC Pilotlog to RB Logbook

If you are have used MCC Pilotlog as your logbook and you want to switch to RB Logbook, you need to transfer your data.

Note: if you used Crewlounge Pilotlog, you can find the Crewlounge Pilotlog import guide here.

Before you start the export, make sure timezone is UTC.

The first step is to export your flights and aircraft. Here's how you do it.

Export the flights file:
1. Select Query (Top menu)
2. If you want to export your entire logbook, go to step 4
3. If you only want to export a specific selection, enter the required selection criteria
4. Select Search
5. Select CSV in the Export Data selection window
UPDATE: MCC has updated their software and removed the CSV button. In this case, select the Excel button.
6. The MCC PilotLog Flights file has now been save to your desktop
7. Copy the file to your iPhone, iPad or Android device
To import this file: open RB Logbook on your device:
  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Import Data
  3. Tap Other Logbooks
  4. Follow the steps
Note that for MCC you can use the same file to import your aircraft and flights. If you need any assistance with importing your data in RB Logbook. please contact support.
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