How to transfer data from LogTen Pro (iPad) to RB Logbook?

If you have used LogTen Pro and want to transfer your data to RB Logbook, you can do so by exporting the data from Logten Pro and importing it into RB Logbook.

This is the guide for if you are using LogTen Pro on the iPad. Check this guide for the desktop version of LogTen Pro.

 Before you start the export, make sure timezone is UTC.


Time Settings

Before you start, please make sure your device is set to 24-Hour time (hh:mm).

Go to: Settings --> General --> Date & Time --> 24-Hour Time

Enable this before you open LogTen Pro to make the export, to prevent that the times are exported as AM and PM.


From the LogTen App, you will need to export two files, one containing aircraft data and one containing your flight data.


To export the aircraft data file:

1. Tap Reports

2. Tap Exporters

3. Tap Export Aircraft


4. Tap Configure Report


5. Tap Save to File

6. Choose a location and tap Save


To export the flights data file:

 1. Tap Reports

2. Tap Exporters

3. Tap Export Flights (Tab)
  Note: do not use Dynamic export


4. Tap Configure Report


5. Tap Generate

6. Tap Save to Files

7. Choose a location and tap Save


Open RB Logbook

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Import Data
  3. Tap Other Logbooks
  4. Follow the steps
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