How to import from an Excel sheet (XLS, XLSX) or Numbers sheet?

If you have kept your logbook in an Excel sheet or in Numbers (mac), you can also import this into RB Logbook.

Files created in CSV, XLS and XLSX format (Excel) can be imported into RB Logbook the same way as exports from other logbooks.

From Numbers, make sure to export your sheet as CSV first. For Excel this is not needed, as RB Logbook can import Excel files natively.

If you want to make sure all the fields can be linked correctly, check out our RB Logbook Excel reference templates. These have all the fields that are needed for a smooth import.

You can import a file containing flights and aircraft. You can also import a file containing the address book with all the details of the crew, if required. Both example files are attached to this article for download. 

If you require any more assistance, please contact our support team.

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