RB Logbook discounts & promotions

From time to time we will have special promotions for RB Logbook, we will let you know on the page about these promotions and the conditions to apply.


Get RB Logbook for free when switching logbooks

RB Logbook is new on the market and we want to make the transition to RB Logbook as convenient as possible for everyone. We know lots of pilots are willing to try RB Logbook, but are committed to another logbook provider with a subscription.

That's why we are now offering to take over your subscription.

We'll effectively let you use RB Logbook for free, for the duration of that subscription you have for another logbook, up to a period of 1 year. This way, you only have to pay once for a logbook.

There's no obligation to keep using RB Logbook after this free period. We have confidence that our app will convince you.


What do we need?

Send us an official e-mail from the supplier or payment provider, stating the price and duration of the subscription purchased. A screenshot of your subscription status in the app will also suffice.

E-mail your receipt or screenshot to


For which logbooks can you apply?

This promotion is valid for LogTen Pro, MCC Crewlounge, Safelog and Zululog. But if you are using another logbook, you can also apply.


RosterBuster Premium users discount

If you are a RosterBuster premium user, we love you! Thanks for your support.

You can apply for a 30% discount when you purchase RB Logbook. Please note that this discount can only be applied before the payment and only if you are a RosterBuster Premium user with a monthly or yearly subscription. It is valid starting May 2020.

To receive the discount link, send an e-mail to our support team at:


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