How to transfer data from Safelog to RB Logbook?

If you have used Safelog and want to transfer your data to RB Logbook, you can do so by exporting the data from Safelog and importing it into RB Logbook.

This is the guide to do this.

Before you start the export, make sure timezone is UTC.

From Safelog, what we need is a CSV file that contains all of the logbook's data (aircraft & flights). The way to export this is through the Safelog website.

1. Go to: and login with your Safelog credentials.

2. Click the Other Tools tab, as shown below.


3. In the list of tools, scroll down until you find "Data Import & Export" and click it.


4. Find the row that says "Click here to create an export of your key logbook data, such as for the purposes of creating a local backup." and click it.


5. You now can provide some settings for generating the CSV file. These settings are important to make sure the file can be properly read. Make sure the Text Qualifier has a value. Otherwise the export can be corrupted, if a comma is used e.g. in the remarks field. Typical settings are shown below.


6. Hit export and wait until the CSV file is generated. A message will appear like below:


7. Click the button to download the CSV to your computer or device. Then make sure to transfer it to the device RB Logbook is running on (e.g. by using iCloud, Airdrop, Dropbox or Google Drive).


From this point on, you can follow the steps to import your data in RB Logbook.

Should you require any assistance, just contact the support team.

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