How to print a logbook or report

A digital logbook is convenient, but sometimes you want a printed version of your logbook or you want a specific summary of your experience. The advantage of a digital logbook is that you can print your logbook in a variety of reports that are compliant with different regulations.

To make a printout of your logbook, head to More -> Export Data & Reports.

The following options are available:

  • Jeppesen Pro
  • Jeppesen EASA
  • Flight Experience (Resumé)
  • Flight Experience Detail

For each report, you can select a custom time period and the paper format to print it on (A4 or Letter).

If you need report for your full experience, choose "All flights". If you require a report that has summary of your total experience but only a certain piece of that in detail, it's also best to generate the full report and then print only the pages you need.

The report will be generated and you can save it on your device or print it.

We are regularly adding new report types based on demand. If you require a certain report type, please contact support.

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