How to Reset the Google Calendar Integration?

If the integrations between Google Calendar and Rosterbuster seems to be broken or if you received an email from us about this. Please reset the Google Calendar integration with the following steps: 

  1. Open the RosterBuster app
  2. Go to the Menu More (the three horizontal stripes icon on the bottom of the app)
  3. Tap Calendar
    If the app shows the text 'Connected with Google', please Disconnect the integration with the following steps if the app shows 'Connect with Google' please skip the following two steps: 
    Tap 'Connected with Google'
    Select Disconnect. 

After these steps, the Google Calendar Integration has been disabled. If you no longer want to sync your calendar these were the steps to disconnect the integration from your account. 
If you would like to set up the Google Calendar integration again please follow these steps: 

Reconnect the integration:

  1. In the Calendar section of the app, tap on 'Connect with Google'
  2. Select Continue
  3. Choose the Gmail account you would like to add the calendar too
    This will show a page which begins with: "RosterBuster App wants to access your Google Account"
  4. Scroll down and tap on Allow
  5. The app will now set up the integration and shows the 'Google Calendar Connected' message when it has been completed

The Google Calendar Integration has now been renewed and should start with syncing your duties to the Google Calendar.

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