How to transfer data from Smart Logbook to RB Logbook

If you are a former Smart Logbook user, you can easily transfer your data to RB Logbook. To do this, first you must create an export file from Smart Logbook.

Perform the following steps.

1. Open Smart Logbook and tap the three dots in the right top hand corner of the screen. This will open a pull-down menu like shown below.


2. Choose Export. Now you will have a menu as shown below. Here you choose CSV.


3. A screen will be shown where you can make a choice (again) for Export. Hit the Export button here.


4. A share dialog will be shown. You can save the export file for example to Dropbox or iCloud. The name of the exported file will be something like "logbook_2020-01-23_131150.csv".


Finally, open RB Logbook on your device

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Import Data
  3. Tap Other Logbooks
  4. Follow the steps

Note that for Smart Logbook, you can use the same file to import your aircraft and flights. If you need any assistance with importing your data in RB Logbook. please contact support.

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