Why is there no PICUS column in the EASA Logbook report?

There is not a requirement to have a column specific to this function. 
We attempt to follow the guidelines as depicted in the Part-FCL of EASA as closely as possible, PICUS is therefore not printed in the EASA report. Please refer to : FCL.050, part (a), sub 4 (page 30). Also refer to the logbook example on pages 34/35.
P1/US is equivalent to PICUS, therefore according to FCL.050, part (b), sub 1, (v) and  part (h) (page 36) the PICUS time needs to be recorded as PIC and countersigned in Remarks by the PIC, usually by name and sign.
Please note: this is specific for the EASA report. In other reports is may be printed regardless.
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