TAP Air Portugal (ICAO TAP)


In this section you will find more information how RB supports TAP Air Portugal.


Roster Format Support

RB supports roster in 2 formats. One in ICS and other in PDF format. RB recommend to upload roster in ICS format. If there is any issue in uploading ICS format, then try uploading roster in PDF format.


Instructions how to upload your airline's roster

Step to upload roster in ICS format:

- Navigate to More -> Crew Portal Login

- Login into the portal and navigate to your roster.

- Select ICS format of your roster.

- Tap on save button in top right corner.

- Roster should be uploaded.


Step to upload roster in PDF format:

- Follow same steps mentioned for ICS format. Instead of ICS format, select PDF format of the roster before uploading.


If you have any additional questions or remarks, please contact us through Rosterbuster Mobile Application Help Section.Happy Flying

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