How to transfer data from CommOrg to RB Logbook

The CommOrg logbook was the default for Austria Airlines but has been discontinued since June 1st, 2021. RB Logbook from CAE is available on the iPad and iPhone, and makes switching easy by offering a built-in importer for CommOrg.


Export flight data from CommOrg

Please refer to the PDF attached to find out how to export your logbook data from CommOrg.


Import from CommOrg

Once you have the files, go to RB Logbook and follow the steps to import into RB Logbook.

Note that CommOrg exports each duty type as a separate file. As these are separate files, they can be imported by following the import process multiple times, using the flights and simulator files for "aircraft" import and "flight" import.

Currently RB Logbook supports two duty types for CommOrg import:

  1. Flights
  2. Simulator duties

Other duty types will also be supported in the future, so make sure to create the exports and have them ready when we update the app.

Contact our support team if you have any questions.



In some cases the CSV from CommOrg will be corrupted. RB Logbook will then give an error on import. This can be easily solved.

Load the file in Excel and save it again. Excel will also prompt warnings, stating that it is a SYLK file and that there is corruption. But continue opening and saving it as CSV. After this, RB Logbook will read the file without issues. Check the below screenshots for more information.












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