Subscribed Calendar

You can link RosterBuster to an external Subscribed Calendar or WebCal. 

Whenever the owner of an iCal makes changes to the events, RosterBuster updates the events in your account.

To link the external Subscribed Calendar to your RosterBuster account you currently can only use RosterBuster WebApp. In the future this will also be supported via our Mobile Apps. 

1. Login to

2. Navigate to and select Paste ICS file or Subscribed Calendar Link
An example of a Subscribed Calendar Link:

To change the Subscribed Calendar:

1. Navigate to Menu Settings > Roster

2. Looks for Subscribed Calendar Airline and provide the website address 

3. After providing RosterBuster will auto update RosterBuster with data from you external Subscribed Calendar each 3 hours.


If you have any additional questions or remarks, please contact us through Rosterbuster Mobile Application Help Section.Happy Flying

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