RB Logbook is not syncing

Syncing rarely fails, but when it does these can be the causes:

  • your internet connection is broken or unstable
  • the RB cloud service is in maintenance or temporarily unavailable
  • a data corruption on the device

First verify if your internet connection is working and stable. If that is the case, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check if you have any data entered after the last sync. If this is the case, make a backup of your data because it might be lost. More -> Export -> CSV.
  2. Go to More -> Profile. Scroll down and tap the button Logout
  3. Login again

Your data should now be syncing again.


RosterBuster is not syncing with RB Logbook

You should use the same account / e-mail address to login for RB Logbook or RosterBuster. If this is not the case, connect them first.

To connect the accounts, perform the following steps with both RosterBuster and RB Logbook installed on your device and logged in. In RB Logbook:

  1. Go to More --> Import & Export --> RosterBuster
  2. Tap the "Connect to RosterBuster" button
  3. RosterBuster will now open and will show you that the apps are connected
  4. Perform a manual export from RosterBuster to make sure it works

When you upload a new roster, flights will now also be transferred automatically.

From the RosterBuster app, you can also disconnect RB Logbook and RosterBuster. Then re-establish the connection by following the above steps again. This can help if the connection was not properly made.


RosterBuster sync overwrites my inputted data

We strive to update only relevant changes on your roster. But if you don't want anything to be updated one you've completed a flight, then make sure the flights are locked.

When flights are locked, the data will never be changed by a sync.

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