Roster upload with Excel / CSV files

If support for your airline is not possible due to a not supported format or you want to upload old rosters. We offer a generic way of importing your schedule. You can upload a CSV file in a fixed format to our system which is accepted. This way you can provide your data to Roster Buster.

To create a CSV file that will be accepted please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the following header line is added:
    Flightnr;Date;Aircraft Type;Tail;Departure;Destination;Time_Depart;Time_Arrive;DutyID;DutyCode;Captain;First Officer; Flight Attendant
  2. Fill in the data under the right header.
    A few examples:
    1234;22/08/2016;CL30;N125TM;ORK;MST;16:00;18:35;;;Dave;Dave; Monah

The following attention points:

- You can create the file in Excel but need to save it to CSV in order to upload
- The CSV field separator character is ;
- Date are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy (with a forward slash)
- For DutyID the following are supported:
      DO = Day Off
      SBY = Standby
      SIM = Simulator
      (for a flight leave DutyID blank)
- DutyCode here you can provide the code as used by your airline.

How to start:

First step is to make sure the list separator is set to a semicolon.
1) Go to control panel, browse to Region & language, open Region, on tab sheet Formats click the button Additional Settings, and on tab sheet Numbers change the value for List separator and set this to a semicolon:

2) open Excel and create new file remove sheet 2 and sheet 3

3) add in the first row the headers:

4) Make sure the date format is dd/mm/yyyy (with forward slashes)
Press on the B to select all rows for the column, right click and select Format cells. On the left under category choose custom, scroll all the way down and select: dd/mm/jjjj
(if it shows dd-mm-jjjj you can change this manually)

5) insert the data you have (you can save it as a .xlsx file):

6) To export the data as a CSV:

In Excel choose file, save as: CSV (Comma delimited)

Press yes on the first box (this will remove any incompatible features) if you get prompted a second time you might have forgotten to delete the other sheets.

Open the CSV with notepad. Remove empty lines. Copy the CSV.

To upload your CSV to your account please follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have an account: create a user account on our website
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on: Copy / paste HTML source
  4. Paste your CSV code in the box

If you have any additional questions or remarks, please contact us through Rosterbuster Mobile Application Help Section.Happy Flying

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