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RosterBuster is compatible with the Apple Watch. In this article is explained how you can add RosterBuster to your Apple Watch and how you can add the app to your WatchFace.


How do I add RosterBuster to my watch face?

If you've installed the RosterBuster app on your phone and Apple Watch you can add RosterBuster to your watch face to show your upcoming duties. 

These are the steps to add our complication: 

  1. In the Clock app, force press on the display
  2. Navigate to the Modular watch face
  3. Select "Customize"
  4. Swipe left to customize the complications
  5. Select the largest complication and scroll to RosterBuster to select it

You've now added RosterBuster to your WatchFace.

How can I change the time zone for my events on the Apple Watch?

You can change the time zone the watch app shows the events. Please follow these steps to change the time zone: 

  1. Force Touch
  2. Open RosterBuster Watch App
  3. Press the screen
  4. This will show you three icons and one of them makes it possible to switch the times in the view. (The other shows the option to switch between ICAO and IATA codes to display the event)

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