Logten Error export

If you are trying to export to Log Ten Pro and, after touching export, you are getting an error message we need to check which Logten version you are running.

You can test this easily, please open up safari (web browser), and type in this as a web address:

Logten should open up. If not, you please try the following web address:

Based on the above result you can set the correct version of Logten in our WebApp settings menu.
- Go to
- Tap Menu Settings
- Tap Menu Logbook 
- Search for App Version and set this to Logten or Logten Pro X based on above result.

If this does not resolve the issue you may wish to contact Coradine, stating that “the URL schema is not being recognised in safari” (they will know what you mean!).


NOTE: If the export screen hangs on 'load events', please hit refresh. If this does not work, check your Safari privacy settings. Cookies should be allowed for the export to work properly.

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