Crew in Logten

Please note that  only pilots will get imported. By default, the crew names are saved to the Flight Remarks field in Logten. You can disable the export of crew or configure a different Logten field for the export.

  • flight_selectedCrewCustom1
  • flight_selectedCrewCustom2
  • flight_selectedCrewCustom3
  • flight_selectedCrewCustom4
  • flight_selectedCrewCustom5
  • flight_selectedCrewFlightAttendant
  • flight_selectedCrewFlightAttendant2
  • flight_selectedCrewFlightAttendant3
  • flight_selectedCrewFlightAttendant4
  • flight_selectedCrewFlightEngineer
  • flight_selectedCrewPIC String
  • flight_selectedCrewPICID String
  • flight_selectedCrewPurser String
  • flight_selectedCrewSIC String
  • flight_selectedCrewSICID String 

To activate this please follow below steps.

  1. Go to rosterbuster and Login
  2. Navigate to menu Settings and tap Logbook
  3. Search for Send crew names to field
  4. Adjust field to the desired value (default value = Flight Remarks)


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