Add Flight Stats to Logten

Within RosterBuster you can request FlightStats of your flights. These FlightStats are from a third party source and enrich your airline's roster. If available we add the following information: 

  • Tailnumber
  • Flight Number --
  • Scheduled departure time --> on airline roster
  • Scheduled arrival time --> on airline roster
  • Actual departure time
  • Actual arrival time
  • Aircraft type IATA 

If you requested the flight stats then these fields are mapped to Logten.
To request FlightStats follow below steps.

  1. Open the RosterBuster App
  2. Open Events and tap on the Flight
  3. Tap Flight Stats button
  4. You will now see additional information
  5. If you then export to Logten the data from Flight Stats will be embedded

NOTE: The best moment to load the Flight Stats is directly after your flight or leg of flights!


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